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Should I Replace My Eyeglass Lenses?

143 million adults wear some type of prescription eyewear. That’s 64% of the US population.

That number is even higher when you include children under 18.

Still, only 12-15% of consumers choose to purchase their eyewear online.

Shopping online, it can be difficult to know what frames will fit and look great on you.

Will the company get your prescription correct?

What if something gets lost in the mail and you're without glasses?

Eyewear is a big investment and buying online can come with uncertainty. Below are lots of questions answered to hopefully make you feel more confident ordering prescription lenses online.

Why replace your eyeglass lenses?

  • Your lenses scratched, cracked, or broken
  • Normal wear and tear (most common reason)
  • Vision needs change – a new prescription

Often, the frames have simply outlived the lenses. If you're looking for replacement lenses, these are common reasons you may go the online lens replacement route:

  • Their favorite frames have been discontinued or unavailable
  • Preference to antique or vintage frames, but need a modern lens
  • Your frames fit you – you like them, and don’t want to change
  • An affordable alternative to buying new glasses
  • You have and keep multiple pairs and styles to choose from.

Can you replace eyeglass lenses in any frame?

In general, you can replace lenses in any frame.

By upgrading your lenses, you’re upgrading your vision and hopefully seeing better than before, without changing your look.

We have a few exceptions in our FAQs page, and you're always welcome to contact us with questions before ordering.

Can you replace lenses for a strong eyeglass prescription?

Absolutely, you can!

High Index Lenses are usually the way to go.

With our US-based lab, we can handle the strongest of prescriptions and help guide you to the right choice, so you don't have that “glass bottle” look in your glasses.

Offering just about any prescription need from plano (no prescription) to prisms, we can take care of it.

Can you replace lenses for any type of prescription?

You can!

In fact, we have a wide selection of lenses available by vision need and prescription specifics.

 Chart showing different vision needs.  Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive and High Index lenses.

What materials do replacement lenses come in?

  • Plastic - most affordable, very clear view
  • Polycarbonate - shatterproof, thin, most popular today
  • Glass - highest clarity, naturally scratch resistant
  • High-Index - thinner material available for strong prescriptions
chart showing material options available for lenses including plastic, polycarbonate or glass

What lens options are available with replacement lenses?

How can eyeglass tint color benefit me?

Did you know that tinted or colored lenses aren't just for looks?

Certain tints can benefit your daily life, depending on your job or the hobbies you take part in.

Some people with dyslexia even report fewer problems with tinted lenses.

  • Yellow/Orange: Enhance contrast in low-light conditions, such as night driving
  • Brown: Reduce eye strain for those with near-sightedness in bright light
  • Gray: Reduce fatigue and make good all-purpose sunglasses
  • Blue/Purple: Enhance vision in foggy weather and protect against highly reflective surfaces
  • Pink/Rose: Enhance depth perception and detail, may reduce migraines

Can you replace polarized or Transitions eyeglass lenses?

Yes, you can replace your polarized or Transitions lenses. Even if you don’t have polarized or transitions lenses today, you can replace your lenses with them.

What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses scatter light rays to reduce the intensity of sunlight and reflections. Additional benefits include UV protection, reduces glare, reduced reflection, and less eyestrain.

What are Transitions lenses?

Transitions lenses (photochromic lenses) combine one pair of glasses for indoor and outdoor use. They are clear lenses that darken when exposed to UV rays.

Transitions lenses are also available as polarized Transitions lenses.

Chart showing benefits of polarized lenses and transitions lenses.

How long does it take to replace eyeglass lenses?

From the time we get your frames, most lens replacements are completed and back to you within 3-5 business days.

The simpler your selections and prescription are, the quicker they go out.

Generally there are 1-3 days on the front and back of the replacement process for shipping, which can make the total processing time as little as 5 days.

Plastic lenses without any coatings are very quick. They can usually be in and out of our labs within 1-2 days.

On the other hand, glass lenses with anti-reflective coating can take up to a few weeks.

If you’re unsure about how long it will take, just ask us!

Is replacing lenses the right choice for me?

At the end of the day, deciding to choose replacement lenses over purchasing a new set of frames and lenses comes down to a question of need, willingness to try a new method, financial situation, and other factors.

Are your frames broken? Of course, replacement lenses cannot fix that. 

However, if you love your frames, for the most part you can keep them and just replace the lenses.

We’ve shown that no matter your vision needs, your frame type, your material or coatings, LensFactory has you covered.

Check out our full infographic about replacement lenses!