Glass Lenses

Are they Right for you?

Glass Lenses

Are Glass Lenses Right for you?

There is a lot of conflicting information about who invented the first optical lens, but one thing that we can all agree upon is glass was the first material that gained worldwide acceptance.

Glass lenses always had the problem of their heavy weight and ability to shatter on impact, but nonetheless a large fan base still.  Glass lens fell out of mainstream use when CR-39 or plastic lenses were invented in the 1960’s and introduced less weight, with close to the same clarity.

LensFactory is one of the very few online Lens Replacement services specializing in true glass lenses.  If you are considering glass material for your lens - there are a few things you should know.

Benefits of Glass Lenses

  • The clarity of a glass lens still is the best there is available. The clarity you get on glass cannot be matched when next to plastic or polycarbonate.  Clarity on glass is supreme! 
  • Glass can be ground to a 1.80 index in some vision types meaning that we can get the lens very thin for strong prescriptions.
  • Is almost scratch proof. Glass is very difficult to scratch through normal wear and tear.
  • Because it is nearly scratchproof and the clarity remains strong over time, there is less need to replace these as frequently as plastic or polycarbonate lenses – if you can keep them from shattering.

 Potential downsides with Glass Lenses

  • Glass lenses are heavy! We recommend you provide us with a nice sturdy plastic frame.  It is not required, but what we believe is best for suited for this type of material.
  • There are some frames we will cannot lens in glass for safety or technical reasons. Rimless frames aka “drill mount” frames, semi-rimless, very flat frames, or wrap style frames are all frames that cannot use glass.
  • Glass Shatters. If you play sports glass is not for you. If you drop them, they will no doubt break. They are glass, afterall
  • Glass requires a long processing time, skilled technicians are hard to find that know how to grind the lens, and lens blanks can be difficult to get from the manufacturer.  Plan to wait for your lens if you choose glass.  Our timing is roughly 30 days from the day we get your frame.

Here are some comments LensFactory customers have made about why they purchase glass lens from us: 

  • “I’m very hard on my glasses and I don’t like scratches”
  • “I’ve worn them all my life and don’t want to change”
  • “I like the clarity of glass”
  • “I’m an artist and I like using them when I work”
  • “I am a photographer and I use them when I take pictures”

At the end of the day, you’ll have to make the decision that’s right for you when it comes to your lens material.  However, if you can handle the additional weight, and you can manage to not drop or put significant pressure on these lenses – Glass may be for you!

If you’d like to discuss your lens material options with us – feel free to get in touch!

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