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Endless Drive Progressive lenses offer premium vision for day and night driving. These lenses are customized for driving conditions, addressing issues like limited visual field and night myopia. Endless Drive Progressive lenses provide great visual acuity and reduced eyestrain when driving.

Why Buy Driving Lenses?

  1. Combat Night Myopia: This lens incorporates extra negative power (up to 0.25 D) in the upper area of the lens to compensate for the effects of night myopia.
  2. Reduce Astigmatism: Endless Drive Progressive lenses have a maximum astigmatism level that is 14.6% lower than general-use premium progressive lenses. This improves vision in the peripheral areas of the lens and increases your visual range.
  3. Increase Visual Range: driving lenses are 70% wider in the distance and 45% in the upper-intermediate when compared to premium general-use lenses. You will be ecstatic about your expanded views of the road, dashboard, and mirrors.

Last but not least, 97% of wearers surveyed reported increased comfort and improved vision while driving.



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