What are progressive replacement lenses?

Have you reached a point in time where you find yourself struggling to read the menu at your favorite restaurant, while wearing your single vision lens?  If you answered yes, then welcome to a lesson on multifocal lenses!

There are three different lens styles LensFactory has available to help correct vision for those of us who struggle seeing at a distance, as well as up close.  Progressive, bifocal and trifocal.  If you prescription has numbers no higher than +/- 4.00 and you want no line in your lens, then a progressive lens may be the right lens for you.

The most popular multifocal style available at LensFactory is a progressive lens.  Progressive lenses aka as a “no-line bifocal” makes it impossible for others to tell you've reached "that bifocal age."  With no visible lines the lens allows your eyes to smoothly transition from near vision to distance vision with no breaks, or what we in the optical biz call “jump” in your vision that a lined bifocal or trifocal will cause. With a progressive you get all your visions near and far.

If you could see the vision in a traditional progressive lens, shown in the illustration below, you would see an hourglass shape in the lens. We call it a corridor. Did you know, the image outside the hourglass/corridor can seem distorted?  Yep, it’s true.   With a progressive lens there is distortion down and out to the sides.  If you are trying to view something through this part of the lens it will appear blurry and out of focus.  This is normal experience.

The way a traditional progressive is designed you must look directly at -- or point your nose or chin at what you want to see.  The best way to see how this works is to get some reading material in front of you and look at it.  Without moving your head, move your eyes up and down the lens until you find a spot that brings the image into focus.  This helps train your brain and in no time, you will be doing it automatically without thinking.

At LensFactory we offer two options for a our progressive lens.  One is a traditional progressive with a traditional corridor.  Our traditional progressive is digitally surfaced on one side of the lens and follows a template that is used for every prescription.

The second lens we offer in a progressive, is a premium progressive.  It comes with a wider corridor and is digitally surfaced on both sides of the lens.  When a lens is digitally surfaced on both sides of the lens vs one side, it allows for sharper colors, crisper vision, and improved glare protection.  Two sides are better than one!  

Another advantage of having a lens digitally surfaced on both sides is it allows for a more custom fit that is unique to you and your prescription.   At LensFactory, we create our digital lens use the latest and greatest lens materials, making them
thinner, lighter, and more comfortable than ever before.

The biggest advantage of the progressive is the intermediate vision it offers. Such as reading you car dashboard, computer work or seeing items on the grocery shelf.

If you’re a first timer, your brain may need time to adapt to a progressive. It is your brain that needs time to adapt to the lens and not your eyes. It can sometimes take up to a month of full-time wear to get used to them.  In most cases given time your brain will teach your eyes where to look to get the best vision for what you want to focus on.  

If after at least a month of full-time wear, you find they are just not working for you (you feel nauseated, dizzy) you may be what is called, a non-adapt progressive.  If that is the case, LensFactory is ready to work with you to find an alternate solution in the first thirty days. Just contact us to discuss.  

Progressive lenses were designed for active people on the go that don’t want to have to keep changing their glasses all day long.  It provides you with all the visons you need on one seamless lens.

Once you select your lens it’s time to select your features.  For the best vision, comfort, and appearance, the biggest thing we recommend is adding anti-reflective (AR) coating for all your lens.

Our LensFactory team is here to help you make the right selection for your budget and needs. Our goal is to help you make a wise investment and to get the progressive lenses that will work the best for you and your needs.

At the end of the day, we want this to work well for you!  When you are happy, we are happy.  We want to ensure we meet or exceed expectations.  If we are not successful, we are sorry! We will happily issue a refund in the first thirty days if you return the lens to us.

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