Single Vision High Index Glass 1.70 Lenses

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Our Single Vision High Index Glass 1.70 lenses are for very strong prescriptions and will only work with full frames, where the frame goes all the way around the lens. High index glass lenses have better optical performance than high index plastic lenses and the 1.70 Index glass is the second highest index lens material that we offer.

These lenses are a lot more reflective than regular lenses, and that's why we automatically add an anti-reflective coating for you to reduce glare. You're worth it. Please note that we only recommend high index 1.70 glass lenses for frames with small lenses to reduce the weight of your glasses and maximize comfort.

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Glass Lens Return Policy

Glass can be very heavy and you may find it uncomfortable. LensFactory will not take returns based on the weight of the material used to create the lens. If you would like to shop other materials that will be a lighter weight, please navigate with the header above.




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The LensFactory Guarantee

When you send us your glasses, we refurbish them for you if they need to be refurbished. We fix or replace them for you if we break them. We remake them for you if you don’t like them. And if we do everything we can to make you happy and fail, we’ll refund your money.

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