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Premium Progressive Lenses

Premium lens is exactly what the name implies, a step up in the lens quality and design.  Our premium lens is offered in our progressive, no-line lenses.  Our traditional progressive lens will work perfectly well for most people, but some of us like to have the finer things in life, so if price point is not an issue premium lens may work well for you and be a worthwhile investment!

LensFactory offers a premium lens with a wider corridor or channel and the lens is cut more precisely to your prescription and it is surfaced on two sides vs one side for a more custom lens.   

Because the technology surfaces both sides of the lens it creates a more custom fit to the individual’s prescription, frame, and pupil distance vs the traditional lens that is cut using a template that is used for all individuals. It’s the difference between picking a suit off the rack or having it custom made for you.  You may hear a premium lens also be referred to as a freeform lens.

The differences you should see with a premium lens vs the traditional lens is exceptional, glare and halo reduction, crisper vision, and brighter more intense colors.  You may also find you have better peripheral vision as well with a premium lens vs traditional lens as well.

Individuals may find a premium lens easier to adapt to vs the traditional lens, and due to this fact, they are sometimes recommended by eye care professionals for someone who is new to progressive lens. Individuals with higher prescriptions may also find a benefit from the premium lens style, as it may sharpen up their vision.

Our LensFactory team is here to help you make the right selection for your budget and needs. Our goal is to help you make a wise investment and to get the best lens fit for you and your vision needs.

We want this to work well for you and our goal is to make things right for you the first time.   If for some reason things don’t go right, we want work with you to ensure we try to meet or exceed your expectations.  If for some reason we are not successful, we are sorry, and we are happy to issue a refund in the first thirty days if you return the lens to us.

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