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Why Should I Buy Lenses Online?

Are you tired of purchasing a new frame every time you have an eye exam?  I was too!   When I first came to work at LensFactory I learned I had been paying way too much money for lens, and I that I could reuse my existing frames.

LensFactory re-lenses your existing eyewear allowing you to continue using that frame you love so much!

One of the most common questions we are asked is, why are your prices so much less than my doctor’s prices?  The easy answer is, we are a business that is a branch of an optical lab that makes lenses.  That’s right!  We are a lab located in Louisville KY that has been in business for 30 plus years. 

LensFactory is one of several e-commerce stores that is owned and operated by the lab.  This allows us to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to our customers.

The second most common question we are asked is, When I am at the eye doctor, after my exam they have me sit in front of someone and they are measuring things, how do you know what measurements to use if I order online?   

That someone is known as an optician.  An optician is someone who specializes in fitting glasses and making lens.  We have over 100 opticians employed here at our lab and can call on them at any time for their expertise and advice.  An optician can provide all the measurements we need to re-lens your frame.

If you are ordering online there's one measurement is critical to making your lenses, your pupil distance.  It is the distance between your two pupils measured in millimeters and requires a precise measurement. 

This number gives the lab what is known as the optical center of the lens. The optical center is the best and clearest vision point on your lens, and you need your pupils to line up directly with that focal point on the lens.  Once you are an adult this number will not change, so once you know your pupil distance, record it in your medical records for your future use. 

If your pupil distance is not correct it will create eye strain and headaches and make wearing your glasses unbearable, it needs to be correct.  We do not know if your eye doctor will provide it to you on your prescription.  We recommend you ask your eye doctor to provide your pupil distance to you.  

If your eye doctor will not provide it to you, find a new doctor!  There are other ways you can make the determination yourself.  There are many phone applications that you can download, and they will measure it for you.  We’ve experimented with the most popular ones and found them to be fairly accurate. 

You and a friend can also work together to measure it yourself.  Make sure you measure in millimeters and that you measure enough times so that you confirm the same measurement at least three times. 

If you are sending us a frame that has an existing prescription in it that has worked well for you, please send a note with the order asking us to measure the pupil distance from the existing lens and we will do that for you.

If you wear a multifocal lenses such as progressive, bifocal, or trifocal there is another measurement we use based on the size of frame you have.  That measurement is called a segment height.  The segment height is where the near vision stops, and the other visions begin in the lens. This line varies and is unique to each frame and individual. 

We recommend you have each frame you are sending us to re-lens measured by an optician to determine your best segment height and that you provide those numbers for us to use as well, but it is not required unlike the pupil distance.

If the segment height is not provided to us, we will use a formula that we have found works well for most people.  Let us try it!  If it does not work well for you, give us a call, or email us to discuss it.  We will happily adjust it for you.  Also, if you are a multi-focal and you wear your glasses low on your nose, please let us know by including a note with your order! That will let us know we need to make an adjustment to our formula to compensate for it. At the end of the day our goal is to have them work well for you! 

The third most common question we are asked is what brand of lens you are going to use for my frame.  At LensFactory we want to offer a great product at a fair price.  We have discovered a way to make great lens at great prices.

We order our lens blanks from all the major manufactures of lenses. Varilux, Essilor, Hoya and Zeiss to name a few.  We offer them as a house-brand lens at a discounted price.  They offer the same superior quality that the branded lens offers, but without all the marketing jargon that raises the price.

Our flair, and what makes us stand out for the rest of the crowd is our customer service team.  If you don’t know what lens you need, please reach out to our experienced customer service team and they will be happy to help you select the right lens for your prescription, lifestyle, and your frame.  Our team is here to help you move forward and understand your lensing requirements.  Let us help!

If we make lenses for you and they are not what you expected, please contact us in the first thirty days and we are happy to work with you to determine next steps.  If for any reason you are not happy with our service in the first thirty days, you may return the lens to us for a 100% refund.

Give LensFactory a try and we believe you will be glad you did!  You can start here by searching for lenses by material, or by vision need.