Where do I enter my prescription?

When placing an order for new eyeglass lenses on LensFactory, there are no fields requiring that you enter your prescription. This is by design and there are a few reasons why:

  1. We don't charge more based on prescription - Our prices are set by material and options, not by the details of your prescription. So you are able to see our prices upfront, and know you will be getting a great deal no matter what your prescription says.
  2. We can measure the exact prescription off your existing lenses - Because we are replacing your lenses, we can take very precise measurements off the existing lenses to ensure that your new ones match perfectly. Have a new prescription? No problem, just include a copy of it when you send your glasses in. We will still take measurements off the old lenses that aren't on the new prescription to help us make sure you love your lenses. Have a new frame with demo lenses? That's ok too, you can either send us an old pair of glasses for reference... or one of our opticians in the lab will call you if there's any additional info we need like Pupil Distance or Seg Height.
  3. Our Opticians in the lab will interpret it for you - Our opticians in the lab are experts at reading prescriptions, especially ones with sketchy handwriting. Letting them interpret your script is a great way to make sure you get exactly what the doctor intended.

We also keep every detail of your prescription and the lenses we make for you in our system. So if you ever need another pair or have any problems whatsoever, we can pull up your info and have everything we need.