Where Can I Buy Retro Eyeglass Frames Online?

Where Can I Buy Retro Eyeglass Frames Online?

Lets face it, eyeglasses are part of your personality. There are some great frame buying opportunities on the web.

A good place to look for retro frames is Amazon or Etsy.com. Check out these frames found on Etsy at Vintage50sEyewear.

Make sure you check the measurements and compare them to a frame you are comfortable wearing. The most common mistake is buying a frame that is too wide or too narrow for your face.

One benefit of buying the frame without lenses is that you can make sure you like it before you invest in the prescription lenses. You could also resell them more easily when they still have the demo lenses in them if you decide that you really aren't that keen on them. 

What about fitting?

A lot of people are afraid to bend on their frames to help them fit their face better. Frames are actually designed to be bent slightly to better fit different individuals. The earpieces almost always have wire in them so they will hold their shape after you bend them.

If your glasses slide down your face or try to fall of when you lean forward, this can often be improved by adjusting the fit. Is there a risk that you will break them? Yes, but it is small. Be especially careful with the hinges. Spring hinges are one of the things that we see break sometimes.

Even opticians break them sometimes, so be brave. It is great when you get new glasses and they fit perfectly, but that doesn't last forever. Smash them in your purse, pocket or while they hang in the neck of your shirt and you may need to bend on them anyway. Nose pads also may need attention.

On many frames the nose pads are attached to small metal supports.

These can also be bent to improve the fit of your eyeglasses. They also get bent out of shape especially during cleaning.

So don't be afraid to adjust them for best performance. If you use progressive lenses and wear your glasses too low on your face, it can really have a negative impact on performance.

The reading area will be too low and will seem narrower the further it is from your eye. You will also notice that you have to raise your chin more to read, and this can be very uncomfortable.

Here is a helpful YouTube video on adjusting nose pads on your glasses.

After you find new frames that you love, we would be happy to make the quality prescription lenses that you need. If you have ordered with us before, we keep your records on file so that they can be used to get the measurements right on future orders.

If you are new to LensFactory, send us a second pair of glasses with your new frame. They don't need to have your current prescription in them, they just need to have worked well when they were new.

We will take some additional measurements from your old lenses that aren't on your prescription to make sure your new lenses fit perfectly in your new frame. We will return the glasses that we measured with your order.

Have fun with your eyewear. We are here to keep the fun factor and quality high and the prices low.