Keep Your Frames and Save Up To 75%

Your eyeglasses are a big part of your personal style, but they're more than that... they are functional. So what do you do when you get a new prescription, or your lenses have seen better days? Do you run out and buy a whole new pair of glasses? No way! Those frames look and feel great, they just need new lenses.

Welcome to LensFactory, where all we do is put prescription lenses in your favorite frames and save you lots of money.

LensFactory is a new way to buy prescription lenses. We give you factory direct access on new prescription lenses in your existing eyeglass frames for up to 75% less than what local stores charge. And we make it easy.

After you pick out the lenses you want online at, you can either send us your glasses or we’ll send you a prepaid shipping box. Either way, when you mail us your glasses you're sending them to the same place most local stores send them, a huge factory that only produces prescription eyeglass lenses. You can either send along your prescription or we can take the critical measurements from your old lenses. Then we fit brand new prescription lenses in your glasses and send them back to you in about two weeks.

You get new prescription lenses in your favorite frames at a fraction of the cost and without high pressure sales tactics or guessing which frames will look good on you online. - Save Your Frames