How to maintain good eye health!

How to maintain good eye health!

Here are a few pointers to help you take care of your eyes.

1. Watch your diet, no pun intended. If you can't find enough other reasons to eat right, use your eyes for an excuse, Green leafy vegetables and fish like Salmon and Tuna are good for your eyes. A good diet can help you avoid diabetes which is linked to vision loss.

2. Dont smioke or stop smoking. You already know this, do it.

3. Wear sunglasses, If you need prescrition sunglasses, can help.

4. Use safety glasses or eyeprotection for sports and work situations where your eyes are at risk. Just do it. You will feel stupid if you avoid this rule, just because you want to do someting quick and end up with an eye injury. Polycarbonate or trivex lenses in a safety rated frame are a good solution for this. Remember, these lenses are tough but neither the lenses or frames are unbreakable.  

5. Give your eyes a rest now and then, especially when using a computer. 

6. Get a routine eye exam. This is improtant for more than just getting a new presription. You eye doctor examines your eyes to make sure they are healthy too. 

For more detail take a look at this article for WebMD: