Celebrating Birth Control Goggles this Veteran's Day

Celebrating Birth Control Goggles this Veteran's Day

Birth Control Goggles or BCGs have been a staple in the United States Military since the mid 20th century. If you're unaware, the term Birth Control Goggles refers to the ability for the person donning them to pro-create because of their lack of style. 
Also called GI Glasses, these glasses are issued to service members by the US Military.  At one time they were called "RPGs" or regulation prescription glasses.  A similar style glasses are also issued to inmates in prisons as well
Originally designed for use with gas masks during WWII, the P3 lens shapes with cable temples and wire rims were used both by the US and British Military.
The most iconic set of BCGs (the S9 pictured above) were on the faces of military service members from 1990 until 2012 and have apparently been influential among A-list celebrities. Talk about a force multiplier. Originally designed and manufactured by Rochester Optical, the S9 has been retired and is no longer on active duty.
In 2012, the military dropped the traditional "Birth Control Glasses" and switched to a smaller, sleeker, black-framed style.

That is why on Veteran's Day LensFactory salutes both the FS9 and the MS9 along with all of those that were forced to wear a pair during basic training.

LensFactory is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  We support our veterans and honor the all of the sacrifices made at home and abroad by the families and loved ones of our service members.


Why are they called Birth Control Goggles?

Birth Control Goggles refers to the ability for the person wearing them to procreate because of the glasses severe lack of style. 

What does BCG Stand for?

BCG stands for Birth Control Goggles. The spectacles' thick frame and large lenses are said to make the wearer so unattractive that chances of connecting with a partner become vanishingly small.

Can you replace lenses in Birth Control Glasses?

LensFactory can! Give us a call and we can help you through the process if you're one of many US Veterans who have stood by the traditional BCGs and want to update your prescription!