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Can I Test My Vision Online?

We all know the feeling.

You find yourself with an outdated vision prescription and want to renew it.

But then it’s the whole “look up your doctor, schedule an appointment, find time away from work and life” thing that gets in the way.

Thanks to our partnership with Visibly, you can say goodbye to that experience.

Renew Your Glasses Prescription Online

Visibly's online vision test is the first eye care telehealth technology that connects consumers with licensed eye care professionals.

This new tech allows for vision tests without the need for in-person appointments.

All you need is your computer, a smartphone, and about 6 feet of space behind you for checking your distance vision.

Note: the online exam is valid only for prescription renewals. The technology hasn’t yet advanced to provide an initial vision test – but we’re getting there!

Click to renew your glasses prescription online.

How do online vision exams work?

With our online vision test, you can renew your vision prescription in 10 minutes or less from the comfort of your own home.

You'll receive an updated vision prescription from a licensed doctor in less than 24 hours directly to your email.

Basically, we’ve taken the traditional phoropter (the big machine your eye doctor uses to check your eyes) and digitized it.

The phoropter is one of the most basic tools used by your doctor to measure the refractive errors of your vision and determine your prescription needs.

Virtual visual assessments can make a huge difference in the quality of life for those who wear glasses and contacts.

Particularly when they’re unable to make it into an exam room.

Benefits of Checking Your Vision Online

Just like online lens replacement, checking your vision online screams convenience, savings, and accessibility.

Online vision exam technology simplifies the vision prescription renewal process for optometrists, ophthalmologists, and patients alike.

In just a few steps, you’re off to renewing your prescription the easy way.

1) Save time, money, and hassle.

While there is a $25 cost to access our online eye exam, that's a deal compared to what it may cost you to normally see an eye doctor.

Plus, you save tons of time by not having to schedule an appointment and go to your office visit.

Our virtual eye exam takes ten minutes or less. In less than 24 hours, you'll be emailed an updated vision prescription from a licensed doctor.

Lastly, taking an at-home eye exam is hassle-free and contact-free. The ability to take the exam virtually means even people in some areas where eye care professionals may be more difficult gain access to easily renew their prescriptions.

2) Reduce the burden on our healthcare system.

Online healthcare innovations, including online vision tests, are not only helpful and convenient for patients.

They can also prevent our healthcare system from becoming overburdened.

Our online exam takes no more than ten minutes to complete. 

And of course, patients who may otherwise be unable to make an in-person appointment can easily mark a vision test off their to-do lists.

3) Convenience leads to reduced prescription lapses.

The convenience and accessibility of at-home eye exams greatly reduces prescription lapses. Meaning, generally, long-term outcomes in eye healthcare improve and more individuals are safe.

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Why is it necessary to get regular eye exams?

Keeping your vision prescription up-to-date is a key factor in reducing eye strain. Especially in a world where many of us spend hours each day focusing our vision on screens.

Whether you wear contact lenses or glasses, it’s important to renew your vision prescription on time every year, so you can keep seeing clearly.

Vision health is extremely important, and an updated prescription will prevent eye strain and screen fatigue.

Dr. Christopher O’Brien, an Ophthalmologist within Visibly’s Optimized Eye Care doctor’s network, recommends having your eyes checked annually, even if you are not noticing any changes in your sight.

“Maintaining a high level of eye health not only protects your eyes, but also your body as a whole."

>> Experiencing eye strain? Reduce it with these tips from Visibly.

Dr. Karen Dorman, OD also stresses the importance of keeping your vision prescription up-to-date in order to maintain your eye health and performance.

It is important to renew your vision prescription, as recommended by your eye doctor, so that you can continue seeing properly.

Common Questions About At-home Eye Exams

Are at-home eye exams reliable?

When done correctly, an at-home eye exam can accurately measure your vision and provide a prescription for renewing your glasses or contact lenses.

Remember, at-home eye exams are only valid for renewing a prescription, not for an initial vision assessment.

Are at-home eye exams a replacement for your eye doctor?

At-home eye exams can be helpful in many situations. But, no, they don’t replace the need for your eye care professional.

Taking a vision test at home won’t check the health of your eyes for symptoms of cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, as examples.

If you’re having trouble seeing with your current prescription, you should see an eye doctor in-person and then consider if online renewals are practical.

Who is most eligible for an online eye exam?

Online eye exams are generally great for people who:

  1. Are 18-55 years of age
  2. Don’t have a strong prescription (+/-6 or more)
  3. Have an existing prescription available
  4. Have no risks for eye disease, such as existing cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

How much do online vision tests cost?

Online eye exams, unfortunately, are not free of charge. The nominal fee to renew your prescription online here at LensFactory is $25. That's a bargain considering you'll get a licensed doctor to review your prescription online!

We're also happy to share that we do not mark up the service.

Once you’ve taken the test, you'll only pay if we’re able to renew your prescription.

If your RX seems to have changed since your last visit to your doctor, you won’t be charged.

We will let you know that it may be time for an in-person visit to the optical shop.

Just remember – you don’t have to buy new glasses to get a new prescription. Simply come back to LensFactory with your updated prescription and we will replace your lenses -- you keep the frames.

Will health insurance cover an online eye exam?

Generally, health insurance will not cover this expense. However, we will provide you a receipt at the end of your service.

You can submit the receipt to them to verify eligibility. Check your individual plan to see what’s covered for you.

What states allow online eye exams?

As of this post, only 37 states were allowing the use of online vision testing technology, but this number is growing.

Online vision testing services for prescription renewal are allowed in AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, HI, IA, IL, KS, KY, MA, ME, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI and WY.

Some states are trying to ban this service from being accessible to consumers. Optometrists and optometry manufacturers have lobbied Congress in a claim to protect their market share.

We believe whatever the solution, it should be easy for customers.

While the test isn’t a fit for everyone, it’s a start to disrupting an industry that has lacked innovation for decades.

And we're good to stand behind innovation at all turns.

Tak LensFactory's online vision test to renew your glasses prescription.