blank lenses laying next to eachother with LensFactory Logo over them

About Our Lab

Our stunning lab has been producing finished prescription lenses for some of the biggest retail and online eyeglass stores around. gives you unparalelled access to that lab which has never before been available to the general public. The result is the lowest possible prices on the highest quality lenses.

Customers ask us all the time if our prices are legit. Well, we’ve designed LensFactory from the ground up to be a lean, mean, re-lensing machine. We don’t stock or manage massive inventories of frames. We don’t push or peddle particular lens types or brands based on kickbacks or profit margins. We DO provide the only exclusively lens replacing service around and quite frankly, we’re mastering the art.

When you send us your frames, we treat them as if they were our own. If we break them (doesn’t happen often, but we get frames in conditions you wouldn’t believe), we fix them. If we can’t fix them, we’ll replace them. If you aren’t happy with your new lenses, we’ll remake them. If you still don’t like them, we’ll refund your money. Simple as that. Your happiness is our highest priority.