About LensFactory

LensFactory was originally founded under the name RelensMyFrames, with the goal of providing eyeglass wearers with unparalleled access to large national optical labs. The prescription lenses these labs (who typically only operate business to business) manufacture go through substantial price markups by the time a customer can purchase them though a retail store.

RelensMyFrames set out to change that and provide consumers with premium quality lenses at incredibly low prices. By focusing on replacing lenses in existing eyeglass frames, the service is highly optimized and customer dissatisfaction over frame fitting or style is eliminated.

In 2013, the name was changed to LensFactory. With the new name came an entirely new website with more products and options, better status reporting and a host of new features and improvements. LensFactory continues to operate under the same dedication to great quality, value and customer service that the company was originally founded on.