3 Steps to Buying Prescription Lenses Online

3 Steps to Buying Prescription Lenses Online

When you get a new prescription or scratch a lens in a pair of frames that you love, you may think that your only option is to buy a completely new pair of glasses. If that's what you've thought all this time, then we're about to make your day. Let's say that you love the way that your frames fit on your face and you really want to keep them. It probably took you a long time to find them and you're not ready to change just yet. We totally understand and that's why we put together this quick guide to buying prescription lenses online, where you can save a lot of money from other traditional options.

STEP ONE - Use The Right Search Words

If you're online and search for "new glasses" you're going to find a lot of sites that want to sell you a whole new set of glasses, which means that they're selling both the lenses and frames together. This isn't helpful if you just want to replace the lenses in a pair of frames that you already own. In order to find the sites online that specialize in replacing the lenses in frames that you already own you need to search for things like, "But if replacement lenses you'll find more than likely find a site like "replacement lenses," "order lenses for glasses," or simply "LensFactory." Extra bonus points because you're already here and all we do is replace lenses in your existing frames.

STEP TWO - Order New Lenses

Once you're on a site like LensFactory.com, you will need to know a few things about your prescription. We've found that a lot of people don't necessarily know what terms like Single Vision lenses, which are lenses that only make one correction throughout the entire lens, or Progressive lenses, which are lenses that make multiple corrections in a single lens without the lines seen in traditional bifocals and trifocals. After you understand which lens type you're looking for, you can begin to pick out your new lenses material. If you've tried out different lens materials in the past, then personal preference will play a big part in your decision. Some people just prefer Trivex over Polycarbonate, for example. If you haven't tried out a lot of different materials, then think about lens materials like this:

  • Plastic Lenses - The least expensive lens material and great for prescription sunglass lenses because they can hold the darkest tints.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses - Great for protective eye wear because the material was designed to not shatter. Polycarbonate lenses are our best sellers.
  • Trivex Lenses - Developed by the military and used a lot for protective eye wear as well as in kids glasses, due to their shatterproof design and durability.
  • Glass Lenses - The original eyeglass lens, glass lenses are naturally scratch resistant, but they are also the heaviest lens type and you need to have full frames (semi or totally rimless glasses won't work with glass lenses)
  • High Index Lenses - Made for very strong prescriptions that would typically need very thick, "coke bottle" style glasses. These lenses are extremely thin and light, especially in comparison to their strength.

After you've figured out your lens type and the material you want to order, you can customize them even further with upgrades like custom tints, anti-reflective coating and even make them photochromic, which just means that the lenses will automatically change their tint based on whether you're inside or outside. Check out using your credit card and you are almost done.

STEP THREE - Ship Your Glasses

You've made your order online and now it's time to send in your frames so you can get your new lenses installed. If you're sending a pair of frames that don't have your up to date prescription in them, because you got a new prescription or because these frames were either given to you or you bought them from somewhere, then sites like LensFactory are going to need a photocopy of your prescription. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that your Pupil Distance or PD is included with your prescription. PD is important because it is the distance between your pupils which helps put the optimal viewing area in the right part of your new lenses. Most doctors won't write it on your prescription, but should tell it to you if you call up their office and ask.

As soon as your order comes in the door, we're checking off that we have everything and pushing your frames and new lenses through our process to get them back to you as fast as possible. All you have to do now is sit back and wait for your favorite frames to have some great new lenses in them and you're all done.

It's that easy.