Pre-Black Friday Sale - 25% Off Prescription Replacement Lenses

In honor of the month where we get to think about all of the things that we want while also being thankful for everything that we have, LensFactory is giving you 25% off replacement lenses for nearly a week before Black Friday. This way you'll still have plenty of money left over to shop on Black Friday and you'll also be able to spot the best deals through your snazzy new lenses.

Simply use the Coupon Code: BLACK14 when you check out through Sunday, November 23rd, to get 25% off your order. 

This is the craziest and longest deal that we've run all year, but you're definitely worth it so don't miss out. Hey, and while you're at it... why don't you give your friends something to be thankful for by letting them know about this amazing deal. You'll be their favorite person because they probably have extra Flexible Spending Account (FSA) money laying around that they need to use before the end of the year anyway. Sharing is caring.

Happy November!