Find Discount Designer Eyeglass Frames on

Find Discount Designer Eyeglass Frames on

Finding a pair of frames that fit your face and make you look great seems to take forever. You're either driving to a store to try on tens if not hundreds of pairs of glasses or you're ordering them online and hoping that they look good on you. It's frustrating and time consuming, to say the least.

And when you finally find that magical unicorn pair of frames that you adore so much, you want them to last forever... but alas, they do not. Styles change, prescriptions change, frames get broken. Such is life.

Until now.

All Your Frames Are Belong To Us

Did you know that your eyeglass frames have measurements, similar to dress shirts or pants? They do, and the numbers are usually on the inside of either the left or right temple arm (the piece that rests on your ears) of your frames. To understand what these numbers mean, please follow along with us below: 

The first two digit number is your Lens Width, followed by the Bridge Width which is also a two digit number. The last three digit number is the Temple Arm Length.

These measurements make it possible to find frames online that have a really high likelihood of fitting your face the way that you have become accustomed to glasses fitting your face. That's right, once you've found a pair of glasses that you really like, you can use the measurements to find other frames that you really love, which means that you have a better chance of loving them, too, time-saver.

What is FrameBusca?

Buscar means "to search" in spanish and FrameBusca is a search engine for eyeglass frames in your size. We built to help you find discount designer frames that will look great on you. And we did it because we love you. That's just how we roll.  

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Open up your glasses to find your frame measurements on the inside of your temple arm
  3. Type your measurements into the corresponding search boxes
  4. Click Search
  5. Try not to lose your breath when you see the array of discount designer eyeglass frames for you to choose from.

It really is that simple. So tell everyone you know about FrameBusca because it's fun to say and it helps you find and save on designer eyeglass frames.